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Could your outdoor furniture and upholstery use some sprucing up? If so, then don’t hesitate to turn to DM Cleaning and make excellent use of the quality services that we can provide! We offer detailed upholstery cleaning and help our clients prolong the lifespan of their patio furniture. Our services are readily available to residential clients throughout Palm Beach Gardens, FL at competitive rates!

Available Services

Outdoor Upholstery Cleaning
When your outdoor seat cushions, sofas, and other upholstered furniture gets dirty, there is a simple and effective way to get them clean. Simply schedule a visit from our reliable upholstery cleaner! We will use our tested techniques to properly clean all types of outdoor upholstered pieces!

Patio Furniture Cleaning and Detailing

Patio Furniture Cleaning and Detailing
We can clean all types of patio furniture, not just the upholstery! This certainly induces the tables and chairs, umbrellas, awnings, lounge seats, and more. We will do what it takes to make your patio sparkling clean and looking inviting to you and your entire family.
Upholstery Cleaning
We can use our reliable equipment and skills to clean all types of upholstery. This includes couches, armchairs, patio swings, cushions of all types, and much more. This process removes the dust, dead skin cells, and all other contaminants that usually end up in the upholstery.

Window Washing

Window Washing
It's advised to call professionals for detailed window washing once every few months, depending on the weather conditions and your desired cleanliness level. We use excellent products and cleaning techniques, so we never leave any water spots and smudges behind!

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Carpeting can be quite difficult to properly clean without the right equipment. We can remove the dirt, dust, and other harmful particles from between your carpet fibers. What's more, our cleaning service can combat matting, trailing, odors, and keep your carpeting looking its best!

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
 We want to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the cleanliness and appearance of your property. That is why our deep cleaning service always focuses on the important but hard-to-reach areas that can get overlooked otherwise. We always ensure impeccable results!

Quality Upholstery Cleaner in Palm Beach Gardens, FL!

Keep Your Upholstery Spic and Span
Investing in timely outdoor upholstery cleaning can be quite beneficial! If your outdoor upholstery was exposed to moisture, spills, or pet stains, it’s possible that it no longer looks as good as it used to. You might be tempted to throw those pieces of furniture away and invest in new ones, but there is a more economical solution! Turn to DM Cleaning and our professionals will come over with the right equipment and products to deep-clean and restore the beauty of all your cushions, awnings, umbrellas, and other outdoor furniture. We know how to get impeccable results safely and promptly!

For Outdoor Upholstery Cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, contact DM Cleaning

Our Process
A reliable patio cushion cleaner from our team will be there at the appointed time and begin working on all your patio furniture with attention to detail. We use specialized equipment in combination with high-quality cleaning products in order to deliver deep and intensive cleanliness that our clients can truly enjoy. We treat our clients’ belongings and property with great respect and make sure that each detail is done correctly!

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Book an appointment with a reliable patio furniture cleaner by contacting DM Cleaning directly! We are ready to do an excellent job for all our clients here in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Robert Havens on DM Cleaning
Great job!

I'm very happy with the results this reliable patio furniture cleaner delivered! I got all the cushions for my patio swing and chairs cleaned at a really fair price and it made a big difference. Now that I know, I'll definitely schedule this service again in due time. Very recommendable!

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