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FAQs About Our Highly Recommended Services

Need help keeping your outdoor upholstery clean? Then you can greatly benefit from the high-quality services that DM Cleaning has to offer. We are your partner in making sure that your outdoor furniture will remain clean and presentable at all times. Call us for inquiries about the services that we offer. You can get easy answers to your potential questions by checking our FAQ list below!

What are the services that you provide?

We specialize in outdoor upholstery cleaning services. We can be your go-to contractor for all your outdoor furniture cleaning needs. Aside from patio cushion cleaning, we can clean indoor carpets and upholstery as well. We also provide deep cleaning and window washing services. For the complete list of our cleaning offers, check our homepage now!

Do you cater to commercial customers?

No, we currently don’t at the moment. For now, we only specialize in residential upholstery cleaning jobs. Should we start offering commercial cleaning services, you’ll know through this website.

Is it true that my carpet flooring will be at risk of damage when cleaning my upholstery?

That could be true if you do the job yourself or you turn to a low-rate amateur cleaner. That’s why it’s a must that you hire a reliable professional upholstery cleaner for the job. We clean upholstery using a protective sheet to ensure the carpet or any flooring below will be safe from damage.

How long do I have to wait to use my upholstery after cleaning it?

It usually takes up to 24 hours to completely dry some cushions. It still depends on the fabric used and fillings. But we recommend that you stay away from the furniture for a full day to ensure that it will be totally dry.

Do you only clean upholstery?

No. While we specialize in cleaning upholstery, we clean carpets too. You can find the complete list of our offers on our homepage.

How often should carpets be professionally cleaned?

Carpet flooring should be cleaned once every three months. But even that isn’t enough. It has to be professionally deep cleaned every year. This is to ensure the maximum longevity of your carpets. Turn to a reliable professional for the job to ensure safe and efficient cleaning outcomes.

What is the best way to clean outdoor furniture cushions?

There could be numerous DIY ways on how to clean your patio cushions. But taking the DIY route could potentially just damage the delicate fabric and fillings of your outdoor furniture. Save yourself the hassle and stress of a DIY job. Hiring a professional patio cushion cleaner remains to be the best way to keep your upholstery spotlessly clean at all times. Turn to DM Cleaning for impeccable yet affordable cleaning services. Need not worry about costs as we offer some of the best rates in all Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

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